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The Impact of Technological Good on Human Adaptation

The Impact of Technological Good on Human Adaptation


Technological transformation occurs annually changing human interaction pattern. Philosophy of technology accounts for its nature and social effect thus posing some questions on individuals’ views. Is the frequently changing technology a problem? Will people adapt and how? Is adaptation good for humankind? Adaptation being part of human evolution renders it is a reflex action. People may find it possible to acclimatize but then weaken the quality of human life. The biggest worry is the individual direction of adaptation regarding the making the right choices under the influence of the growing technology. The notion of this paper is to explore on adaptive human behavior about the technological good and its effects. It seeks to determine the best methods to embrace technology, complement growth, and social outline in an accountable manner.

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The existence of the adverse technology is not possible to undo leaving no option but to cultivate outstanding methods of assimilating them in life and adjusting their scheme and communal entrenching. Kahn (2011) argued that human requires fostering interactions with nature for psychological and physical well-being. He went further to explain that people lose the connections because they are persistently demeaning and abolishing large choices of nature. Individuals can adjust their living styles to suit the frequent technological change that comes with both positive and negative impacts on life, constitutions, and institutions.

The philosophy of technology suggests that adaptation results in moral uprightness. Adaptation refers to an alteration of part of an organism or the entire makeup so that it becomes more appropriate for survival in its environment (Walz & Deterding, 2014). It is important to understand that biological adjustment (homeostatic) can be either good, bad or neutral to human. It occurs through addition, accommodation, acclimatization, homeostasis, assimilation, equilibrium, and habituations. How then can one tell if an adaptation is bad, good, or neutral? The difference concept provides dissimilar manners in which humans adjust to their surrounding though they have a common overlapping mechanism and processes.

Changes in technology take either a diffusion or conceiving directions. Development and creation of new technology comprise advancing the present techniques to enhance an improved future life. The concept of adaptation to technological changes occurs in three: resilience range, coping range, and failure range. (Kahn, 2011). Resilience array refers to the degree of impairment a scheme can stand but then independently repeat its original occurrence state. The coping range is the rate of damage that a system can accommodate without experiencing any hostile impact. Finally, failure range is a situation when the system cannot withstand the effects of disturbances without adverse impact. Therefore, the harshness of an occurrence in a structure relies on the surviving and resilience range.

The direction that human take to adjust their life towards about technological good has both positive and negative impacts. Technology being very crucial in the growth and development of humankind, it makes life easier by opening several closed opportunities. Every part of human life relates to technology in different ways. Its development is diverse and confined to a single sector, but rather all sectors advances their machinery about the requirements. Technological advancement improves various sectors including industries, communication, trade, education, medicine, and family (Walz & Deterding, 2014). It also has adverse effects on the same sectors depending on how man accept and adapt to it. Technological development has the main purpose of improving ways of living.

Education and technology are dependent variables: education relies on technology for its advancement as well as technological development needs education. According to Kahn (2011), students with better access to technology have improved learning opportunities and good performance compared to those who those limited to it. Technology avails adequate learning resources to students including improved biological, physical, chemical and computers laboratory constituents. The presence of internet, which provide online books, journals, articles, and other research sources make studies easier for scholars. They help provide fast information on education gap for further research practices. It also facilitates long-distance learning, which relies on online communication and classes.

Walz & Deterding (2014) explain that technology has a diverse impact on communication. For several years communication techniques keeps advancing with the emergence of better and improved facilities. Today, everyone has at least a cell phone: from a model twine handset to the dominant smartphones. It strengthens the relationship between humans and the surrounding including institutions and industries. Effective communication within an organization improves work efficiency and productivity of the workforce. The use of phone calls, email, text messages, and social media (Facebook, wiki-spaces, and Twitter) is common especially among individuals who cannot meet for face-to-face conversation hence saving time (Kahn, 2011). The modern communication methods give human a degree of survival opportunity in cases of occurrence of natural disasters.

The life of Industrial and trade sectors depends on technological good. Industries use the changing technology in advancing their machinery and techniques. Market demand and capital progressively fluctuate thereby posing the need for better production and distribution methods (Walz & Deterding, 2014). Goods and service are often available for consumers thus reducing chances of monopoly by large companies. Financial transactions in business sector became easy and flexible with the new machinery with accurate calculation techniques. The good of technology improves training methods to the workforce. Thus, industries have an array of highly qualified labor. It provides a competitive business world that requires quality products for human consumption. Therefore, the man should embrace technological changes and apply them in the industrial world to better life.

Medical advances is another effect of technological good to human. The condition and organization of hospitals are effective and efficient in saving lives of individuals since they possess the current technology. Medical professional’s services and devotion facilitate better treatment advances (Kahn, 2011). As discussed earlier, technology assists human to adjust to the present settings. For instance, diabetes requires insulin for blood sugar regulation, eye and ear impairment needs classes and guards respectively, and physical disability calls for crutches or wheelchairs, and many others. Acceptance of the sophisticated techniques in medical health can assist in prevention and treatment of progressively evolving nature of the disease. The current world experiences great climatic changes accompanied by new types of diseases that put threats to human life, thus, calling for advanced medical services.

Technology promotes connection among families and brings the togetherness through effective communication. It helps strengthen the relationship between individuals who are far apart. What would one do if they could not be able to find old friends from high school through Facebook? (Walz & Deterding, 2014). The presence of cell phones enables man to talk to friends and relatives from any location on the planet. Social networking assists in locating old friends, significant events, and share information on crucial things. Continuously changing agricultural technology provides families with adequate and quality domestic products. Improved home facilities such as social media (television and radios), laundry equipment, kitchen facilities, and even modern types of the home give better life compared to older days.

However, human can failure to embrace and adjust to the technological good but rather use it to harm the world or simply reject its presence. Many people often feel something is lacking when they cannot access their cell phones or internet. Addiction to online services: games and chats are common among children, teenagers, and young adults thus, leaving a question on their physical fitness level as they get little or no time for daily exercises. Today families take a ride along a walkable distance because of their social class. Personal interaction between individuals reduces as one would avoid meeting a friend and make calls to them. Family rivalries continue to grow with the existence of the social network.

Mechanically, some countries use the new technology to develop nuclear weapons not for defense but for creating conflicts. They fail to under the philosophy of ‘nuclear weapons a necessary evil’. An increased number of industries causes huge environmental pollution thereby creating the effects of climatic change and health problems to the relevant workforce (Kahn, 2011). Currently, vehicles dominate most cities with long traffic jams; they emit gasses into the atmosphere that are dangerous to human health and any other living species on earth. Frequent use of smartphones encourages the practice of non-educational languages or literature, which is the effect major cause of poor quality of education facing most countries. Some students never read books but borrow unreliable information from the internet that are blogged by money-oriented quacks.

People need to adjust the available resources to adapt the technological good with reduced negative impacts on the environment. Industrial sectors should practice the consumption of renewable energy sources to minimize wastage and reduce releasing their waste products into the surrounding. The use of newly introduced automobile technology, which is environmentally welcoming, will reduce the emission of unsolicited greenhouse gasses (Kahn, 2011). Parents need to regulate and monitor the activities of their children during holidays by providing daily programs for them and checking on what they do on internet and phones. The fallacies revolving around technologies argues that its purpose is to improve the life of humankind and not cause harm.


Technology good, having both positive and negative impacts on human life need different approaches. Human adaptation to the advancing world is the best method to deal with the progressing technology since its benefits outweigh the adverse impact. The outcome of technology depends on the individual reaction. When human embrace and recognize the technological good by adjusting to it, the outcome is strong relationships between people, institutions, and production sectors. The main reason for the creation and advancement of technology is to improve life but not to harm the human. However, failure to identify technological evolution and its effects on life causes great threats including wars, diseases, famine, drought, and immorality.


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