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Developing Successful Branding Strategies for MacDonald, Crest, and Tommy Hilfiger

Developing Successful Branding Strategies for MacDonald, Crest, and Tommy Hilfiger

Getting a successful brand is an important part of being successful in restaurant business today (Alan, 1996). MacDonald is a successful fast food restaurant that has been in the market since it was formed by two brothers in 1941. Its main branding strategy has been transforming over the years because of varied market prospects and competition. Their branding strategies includes, family oriented environment, the also offer food at low prices to ensure a wider coverage can afford their meals. They also stress on giving their customers the value of their money. Their last current strategy is offering a wider variety of food to cover foods that children may need, and people with special diets. These strategies work very well in increasing their market and maintain their customer base. However, MacDonald has failed to take advantage of social media to capture the attention of the young people. I would recommend that they try to brand their business as a modern restaurant by associating it with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This way they will get to know what young people want.

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The video game endorsement offer best aligns with Lebron James brand is Microsoft Xbox Live. This is because this deal offered him revenue sharing, meaning that he would get half the revenues that his brand would earn. The value of Lebron James at the time enabled him to make decisions that were riskier. The Xbox Live brand took more time to make and more resources, and his earning depends on how successful the game will be. However, with a good brand like him, he is almost guaranteed to success of the game and, therefore, he will make a lot of money.

I have been using crest throughout my life, it is maturity stage in PLC. The brand has remained almost constant in the PLC it forms an S curve on the graph. This is because there were times it was the market, but this was not constant. It has managed to remain in the market for a long period while other brands have joined the market and then left due to poor performance. To remain in maturity stage of PLC crest has to be ahead of its competitor. This can only happen by ensuring that it continues to come up with unique brands of toothpastes. They can try to widen their consumer base by exporting their products to countries they have not reached yet. They can also make products that are unique while at the same time maintaining the original types if crest to maintain its old consumer base.

Tommy Hilfiger needs a line extension in his products. There should be a new product of hair shampoo, body powder and bath soaps. This is because this designer has managed to develop the best designs so far. People and especially women trust his products and, therefore, there is more opportunity in designing more products for women. The strategy to promote the new product should be having the product endorsed by a celebrity that people like. In the past Beyonce has endorsed Tommy Hilfiger products, which is why they have gained so much popularity (Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, 2010). He can have Beyonce to endorse the new products so that the consumer base that likes her can be attracted to buying the products. Another celebrity who has more fans like Lady Gaga can endorse the products. This is likely to attract even more consumers considering she is the most powerful celebrity of today. The other strategy that can be used is naming the products Tommy Hilfiger. This is because his name is a brand and attracts many people.


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