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The Importance of Providing Equal Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants in the US

The Importance of Providing Equal Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants in the US

Illegal immigrants refer to individuals who enter a country or nation without genuine permission of the country or violate the terms of their admission. US have various legislative proposals though the country’s immigration laws do not contain special provisions based on the age at which the person arrived in the country. The United states statistics on illegal immigrants though have reduced significantly over the last decade have been a point of debate on whether they should have the same rights as citizens or not. This document focuses deeply on a sided stand with reasons on why the children of illegal immigrants should have the same educational benefits as those of citizens.

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It is factual that more immigrants in the United States school are the reason to the high score in the education sector. These illegal immigrants given the same educational benefits always struggle to get into good universities just to make it big in life as compared to native born Americans who will want to take advantage lately. Moreover, an immigrant can be related just to a figure of speech since it does no good to the country denying illegal immigrants the opportunity to receive education (Urias, 2012). This illegal immigrants most of them joined the country because they had no other choice.

Americans dream is achieved if there is a heart of togetherness. According to Thomas L Friedman keeping flow of immigrants in United States regardless to what they wear is an advantage that will keep the country ahead of China (Friedman, 2010).The reason behind Friedman statement is that mixing energetic people who have high aspiration with democratic system can greatly improve the economy of the country. On reference to president Obama’s common saying ‘we are people of the same tribe which is human tribe’ working together is essential. Giving those children equal opportunities makes illegal immigrants work very hard in schools even more as compared to children of citizens. Besides that educating them equally enables such children take a productive role in the country’s societies by abiding by the law and most importantly pay tax, which contributes, to the growth of the country’s economy (Finkelman, 2009). In addition, they become active member of the society when they grow up. Furthermore, to deny illegal immigrants children educational opportunity to flourish and do great things is contradictory to the United States notion that America is the land of opportunity.

In my opinion, my stand is sided to support the action taken to ensure equal education and opportunities to both the children of the native citizens and the children of illegal immigrants. The children of immigrants just as the children of citizens are resourceful to the country. It is inhuman not to treat them equally; it prints a real picture of stress on the national economy and budget.

In conclusion, it is a day clear that United States is land of opportunities. Giving immigrant children equal opportunity in schools is not favor but a logic that with breed positive economic transformation. The claim that immigrant’s children will fight over the country’s resources or jobs should outdated from people who fear little competition. The most important economic competition is actually between an individual and his or her imagination.

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