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The Impact of Social Media on Ex-Romantic Relationships

The Impact of Social Media on Ex-Romantic Relationships


Love acts as one of the most critical elements in human life. It is a variety of varying feelings, attitudes, and states ranging from interpersonal affection to pleasure. Love started with the creation of mankind and continues to thrive among people. People get into love relationships day in day out while others end up their relationships. Love is an everlasting journey because as long as life continues, love also does. Ex-romantic relationship has been a major topic of discussion in many sectors including churches, social media, and media houses. The outcomes of this paper will assist in establishing the main reasons why most people engage to ex-romantic relationship with their past lovers. The following paper provides an exploration of the ex-romantic relationship termination through analyzing the relevant literature. The literature review focuses on girl’s relationships with ex-boyfriends. The literature will discuss issues associated with ex-romantic relationship including the outcome of the relationship and methods of breaking up with romantic partners using social media.

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Thesis statement:

Girls will always try to find their ex-boyfriends attractive irrespective of the type of relationship they currently have.

Literature review

Lovers provide different reasons for terminating their romantic relationship. Interpersonal communication researchers study various aspects related to autonomy and connection. According to Sahlstein & Dun (2008), many factors contribute to the termination of a relationship. The research revealed that career demands, seeking private time, and misunderstanding each other contributes into many relationship terminations experienced today. In addition, most partners engage in conflicts on how to manage autonomy-connection as each partner desires a different thing for a relationship. Women tend to show more reactions to a breakup through emotions compared to men (Perilloux & Buss, 2008). In most cases, girls find themselves getting back to their ex-boyfriends after a breakup because they have a feeling that their first love provided the best romance.

On the other hand, social media play a critical role in the development of a romantic relationship. Most people have found their life partners through the social media while others have suffered breakups through the social media. Social technologies play a part in the life cycle of relationships from the time of formation to dissolution. FaceBook acts as the most commonly used social media communication channel where people find information about their ex-partners. FaceBook stores most of personal information that makes people reduce the uncertainties regarding another person in varying ways. The main information gathered from social sites includes new romantic partners, general social activities, and how someone’s ex describe his past partner. In addition, the type of messages updated on FaceBook determines how the girl views an ex-boyfriend (Tong, 2013).

Interpersonal communication models help in understanding an aspect of a romantic relationship and main causes of love breakups. Future researchers should utilize the parallel process model in establishing motivation and ability processes that influence relationship termination. The theory claims that the type of message drafted by one partner determines the type of response from the next partner. A relationship might end in a polite manner if one partner uses an effective polite termination message (Harnish, 2007). Relationships ending in such a manner are so tempting because a person engages in confidential affairs with the ex-partner.


The following topic is widely discussed everywhere because it affects most people especially those engaged in working relationships. The above discussion shows that people seek different reasons for terminating love relationships, but the approach taken by one partner to end the relationship determines the future response from the other partner. Relationships that end politely tempt both partners to engage in love affairs later in life. In addition, social media sites especially FaceBook plays a significant role in the growth or termination of a romantic relationship. In future, researchers should use communication theories to link research into the theory and establish the main causes of ex-romantic relationships.


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