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Why Quality Control is Essential in Operations Management

Why Quality Control is Essential in Operations Management

Operation is the section of an organization, that is deals with the changing of a wide number of inputs to the needed services so as to have the acceptable level of quality. Management is referenced as the method,that transforms and combines several resources that managers use in the functions of subsystems and departments of the organization into value uplifted services.This takes place through a controlled means according to the governing policies of specific organization.The group of management duties is regarded as management operations (Garg, 2012).To ensure success in operations management,entreprenuers make strategic decisons depending on matters arising at various stages and lines of production.For instance,managers must make particular decisions about quality control which is a subset of operations management.

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Research discussion

Quality control refers to the protocol through which professionals review the quality and entities of factors that encompass production (Gupta & Starr,2014). The approach place an emphasy on the major aspects: Elements like job management, controls,integrity, identification and performance records are stated. Quality control tend to meet quality demand since it encompasses activities and techniques which are undertaken to verify diverse requirements for trial associated activities. The merits of well managed and established strategic decisons in quality control aid integral and writting of standard operating criteria.If businesses have to realize any success, quality control is a preliquisite portion in strategic planning which should not be ignored. It is a passport to excelling because it helps companies to achieve quality procedures, systems and processes.With a well strategized quality control, customer loyalty is maintained and time wasting is avoided because reworking does not occur.

Statement of problem

Quality control documents shall define quality objectives on top of ensuring objectives are implemented and understood by staffs within every busines set up.On the other hand,it will ensure that appropriate methods are implemented with aim of satisfying customer expectations, needs and business objectives. Also, the authority,responsibility,and inter association of main personnel who manage the value contol systems shall be defined through research on quality control. The research shall decide on work for continued quality improvement.Finally,findings shall provide enough resources for regulating the integrity of quality systems.

Types of decision science techniques

There are several types of decision science techniques such as planning,organizing and controlling.


Planning activity shall establish the course of guide and action for coming decision-making.Reason being, operations leaders shall define the aims of operations systems and the procedures and policies for scoring the objective shall be established. This stage will clarify the focus of management operations and overall strategy.


Organization activities shall be studied to establish authority and tasks. The path through which message flows within the subsystem will be determined and the authority will assign responsibility to various individuals.


Control work will be used to decide since it assures the usual performance takes place in accordance to the programmed.

Usefulness of operations management

Operations management shall ensure right quality of control is established according to the clients need. Also,correct quantity shall be used in production of various products since research shall define right number.Right timing is promoted since delivery of important parameters which judge the reliability and effectiveness of operating departments are stated (Murthy, 2010).

Personal evaluation

Research organizations should be sponsored to establish, monitor and manage the existing quality control systems (Murthy, 2010).This is due to the fact that some of their standard operating provide high level quality services yet they do not satisfy expectations and needs of customers.Meaning that something need to be done so as to have correctly valued products.


To sum with,quality control constitutes the main part of operations management and should not be assumed since it fulfil quality requirements in businesses.Hence,research must be done to commensurate business objectives (Aswathappa & Bhat,2010).Managers must strategise on quality control to aid the adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of quality controlling systems.


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