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Leadership Essay

Leadership Essay

Leadership Essay

The Civil Rights of 1964 is a landmark legislation designed to ensure equality in all spheres of life. The Act prohibits discrimination against individuals based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, color, sexual orientation, and any other characteristic. The law protects the rights of every individual, ensuring that all people are treated equally. Despite the provisions of this Act, so many people continue to face discrimination based on various characteristics. One of my goals is to contribute to the fight against discrimination and promote a society where every person is equal. As part of this commitment, I volunteered at a local community organization designed to promote awareness on racial issues, a topic that has gained prominence over the past few years.

Racism is an ill that continues to plague or world, as evidenced by recent events, including police brutality, harassment, and other forms of violence and discrimination based on race and ethnicity. The local organization aimed to create awareness on everyday discriminatory acts that persons of color experience and how other groups of people can help put an end to this. Many people are unaware of racist biases that they might have based on stereotypes learned both consciously and subconsciously. As part of the project, volunteers recruited local community members to take part in the survey. The survey helped people recognize their individual biases that promote discrimination against people of color. Many participants realized that they often act out of ignorance, not realizing how hurtful their actions and words might be. There were also interactive sessions between people of different races involving discussions about the type of discrimination they experienced and how it affected them. After this, we provided examples of actions that help in the fight against discrimination. In the future, I plan to take part in such programs and even start one in my local community to bring awareness on discrimination.

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