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Living on the Edge of the Moment

Living on the Edge of the Moment

Living on the Edge of the Moment

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Living on the Edge of the Moment

We all have that one sport that we love and must always watch or participate in. Be it boxing, basketball, football, rugby, or tennis. We have all been drunk on the exhilarating moments of the game at one time or another. Some of these sports are famous globally, while others are only popular within a country or a region, among the most popular ones being football. Football, or rather soccer, is undoubtedly the best game that has ever been. In my opinion, at least. It has the highest fan base level globally. With the biggest teams locking heads in Europe to deliver some of the best nights you will ever have stuck to a television. There are highs and lows of cause to being a football fan; sometimes your team wins, and sometimes they lose. It is part of the game. Some teams have the most prominent players, while some are not big enough to get them. And, as such, it is these big teams, in the biggest of matches, who deliver some of the most exuberant matches in football history. One such match that many people will live to tell their grandkids about was the 2017 game between Barcelona and Paris St Germain.

This game, in my opinion, got a 10/10 rating. The stage was set for Barcelona to marvel its fans after a 4-0 first leg humiliating defeat. The game was on their home ground, and they had to prove to the world that that was the toughest ground to play in Europe, considering they had not lost for many years on that ground. Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe, and the Catalonians are among the loudest. On that night, it was filled, and you could feel the silence as the Barcelona faithful had no idea what to expect. Once the game kicked off, the stadium became alive, and the fans were off their feet to give the necessary boost to their team. Camp Nou provided the best landscape to stage a coup for the qualification, and once the game was set, it was always going to have a significant effect on the outcome.

The other defining moment of this match was the quickness with which the first goal came. The deficit set the mood, but that goal set the tone. As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm” Barcelona went to the game all warmed to shine at this moment, and a quick goal in the first five minutes was their reward. They played with pace, clinically, and without hesitation as characterized with their type of game. It was still a huge hill to climb but with it came the belief that the tie was still in their hands, that they were the masters of their fate.

As said of football, “the game is not over until you hear the final whistle”. Well, the Barcelona team played to that whistle. They were never giving up, throbbing even when it seemed impossible, giving as hard as possible. And finally, a crescendo!. A last-minute goal. Paris St Germain was in, and then they were out. As it said, “the biggest players live for the biggest moments”. It was a goal that came with the loudest noises from happiest of fans created by the best players. That final goal remains immortalized in our hearts; even in the worst of games, we still remember the last goal of that fateful day.

Football does bring us some joy in spades and sadness alike. We fall in love with it as we would the person of our dreams, suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it. We lose and then win, but we stay steadfast to the teams we love.

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