LVT Rewording

LVT Rewording


Being a leader means accepting vulnerability. Contrary to popular belief, my individual experience as a competent leader in almost every area of my life has shown that successful leaders are required to be openly vulnerable to those the followers.

Being a leader on campus has enabled me to oversee and orchestrate a number of cultural, voluntary, and informative ventures together with subordinates and members. In a get-together, I made sure not to use technical devices, trickery, psychology, clever words in a debate to ensure that others agree with me. Instead, I talked to them in a child-like manner. This does not translate to immature or disorder, rather, a mental state. I would consider what I wanted to pass across and searched internally whether I cared about my speech and whether I believed in what I expressed. After such actions of internal analysis, I was ready for communication with my followers using simple and honest language that openly revealed truthfulness and inner emotions. Whenever I was before a crowd, I used great force to speak and led with complete self-assurance not due to my use of a impeccable language or because of the many books I have read regarding leadership days before my announcement for a money-raising campaign, but due to the knowledge of those around me and their belief in me.

The strategy I apply as a leader is an approach of never using technicalities. I openly express my fears, insecurities, expectations, and joy to my colleagues and those near me. I remain vulnerable, always, as a a way of inviting my followers to see my life as an open book and provide constructive criticism regarding my decisions, plans, and thoughts all the time keeping my ears open proactively for the silent and verbal messages. I make sure that I do not use manipulative or charming actions. I reveal my true self to those that are under my leadership, the true individual, and I move on from there reaching a level playing field to acquire understanding, and ultimately, the support of my followers. I lead and live in this manner, whether at school or my workplace.


Prometheus is a benchmark and symbol regarding how I intend to act in relation to humanity. In contrast to the beliefs held by other gods, Prometheus was aware of the necessity of the knowledge in making strives within their universe, and that even the misuse of that understanding could not take away their right to it. In my personal life, I have worked diligently to share knowledge and to use my position as a way of improving the lives of the people around me.

Teaching the disadvantaged in a volunteering endeavor is one of the social responsibilities that I have held dear, and it is a vital move in my personal pursuit of wisdom. I was able to mentor a young Tibetan girl, Diki, aged 8 years old, in a collaborative effort. At the time she was illiterate. Despite lacking the right resources to acquire a decent education, I found out that she held deep desire, intelligence, and passion. After being a part of her journey in reading and writing, I persuaded her to be journaling. She readily took my suggestion and recorded a number of interesting and original ideas and plans. Additionally, I passed on the message that while dreaming was good, learning how to fail was important. I achieved this through allowing her to see me openly, being vulnerable, and recounting my personal experiences. I shared with her how I took on a challenge in high school to participate in a college-level English unit and was able to manage a C. I told her how I accepted my shortcomings and ultimately attained an A when I redid the course in college.

Knowledge stimulates the mind. By stimulating Diki’s desire to learn, I pushed her to follow her own dreams. There are many others like her who have the capacity to attain great accomplishments if only they could get the right resources. I feel a certain obligation to work with the disadvantaged in the society so that they may have the required resources to follow their own dreams and goals. Despite having assisted Diki in her journey, I am sure that in the end, she will use her strengths to ignite the spark that will positively impact the world. I have the role of providing her with the necessary support to success.


Photo editing has metamorphosized into an independent art. Whether one is viewing an image on Facebook, on a magazine, or on Instagram, it is likely that a form of editing has been performed on the photograph. The ability to execute superior editing capability is a valuable skill that will become advantageous and vital as time goes by. Numerous hours doing research, copying experts, and hours of practice enabled me to self-learn professional photoshopping and was instrumental in making the dreams of others come true.

Forms of art that necessitate physical kinds of material, such as canvas for painting, offer a number of limitations that the digital form of art does not. Digital creation continues to change how the society should see art as a whole. Being a digital artist, I engage with different art forms such as editing, painting, and shadowing only using the click of a few buttons. Digital art form makes the process of correcting mistakes a little easier. It allows me to edit, draw, and create without much concern for the errors made. This gives some level of creativity and freedom that enables me to thoroughly interact and indulge with my artistic goals and ideas. In my position as a club founder and in a restaurant. My abilities led to a role in designing different posters for extracurricular activities and information seminars in brochures, restaurant menus, or promotional literature. I was able to impress people at my workplace with my keen eye for graphic design and initiative. I was able to complete every project given from its commencement to the end. I was able to see all of my ideas and thoughts come to fruition on paper in a process that was very rewarding and helped me in developing confidence and self-belief.

I was able to turn my growing inquisitiveness for Photoshop into a routine, and now it has become a strength and talent. It gives me the capacity to translate different creations into reality. It has also given me several opportunities to see ideas become useful pieces. In the future, digital editing will be a beneficial tool that will be required for millions of people and organizations and I desire to be a part of its growth in the future. As a driven Photoshop artist, I have the assurance that I can make a notable difference in the society.

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