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Analysis of the Success Factors and Challenges of NSK Technologies

Analysis of the Success Factors and Challenges of NSK Technologies

Gil Shwed is the pioneer of the whole project. He came up with the software idea. He created new software that guaranteed internet security that composed of scripting language that expressed semantics implemented in C and C++. Nacht looked at Shwed idea and saw it was a business potential for them, together with Shwed they presented the concept in a conference. Kramer then quit his job and started working on the software the three then became partners forming the NSK technologies limited.

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They are very likely to be successful. First, the idea is liked by everyone and is considered reasonable. The idea is also a new concept that assures internet security in an error when internet security is vital to every user. Thirdly, they have all quit their jobs to concentrate on getting financial support for their business idea. The only thing lacking is financial support to market the idea.


I think NSK is an acronym for their names, Nacht, Shwed, and Kramer, the name is involving all the companies and therefore I think they have a higher probability of success. They recognize they are limited in terms of marketing, advertising, and financial capabilities


They have a very wide market since the number of internet users is said to double every year. These users need privacy protection of the information they share. Whether or not they can deliver I think, they can the only way is for them to start on the idea and give a few people to test it. The key success factor of their product is that the software is faster and has no any known limitation. Their primary barrier of entry is concerning a record of accomplishment. NSK has no previous record of accomplishment and therefore has very low chances for both financial assistance and customers buying their products.


The government of Israel supports innovative and developmental ideas. NSK has a very good chance of becoming a nationally widely known technological company in Israel. First, the government invests much into the kindergarten school program, this is to say that everyone who graduates from high school is usually computer literate, and these people provide a possible market for NSK technologies. The main disadvantage is that the language in the software has to be Arabic since English is a foreign language in Israel.


The NSK business plan has left out how the share among the three will be divided. Shwed is of the idea that he should retain sole control of the business, while at the same time considering Nacht and Kramer as equal partners. Additionally, they have left out the dissolution part of the partnership; they should indicate what happens when the partnership ends. Furthermore, they should include a clause that indicates how the profits and losses will be shared among the partners. All these concepts will avoid unnecessary conflicts especially in terms of decision-making.


To start $125,000 is not enough, NSK has a lot to do first it has to establish an office away from the pile of coca-cola bottles; they also have to get and train potential employees. Additionally, since they are beginning, they would need to advertise and market their products. It is also not guaranteed that they will make profits so they would need money for emergencies. They are raising little since it a new idea they are starting. For this reasons I think their best option is invest with BIRD. NSK wants to dominate the US market and since BIRD is an initiative of the government of US and Israel then it is their best chance. In addition, BIRD guarantees them $100 Million that is a lot of money. At the same time if there any risks that the investments collapses, they all do not have owe each other, both BIRD and NSK will be a t a loss. BIRD supports companies that are ran by founders are willing to form a strategic partnership, sold technology products, such as NSK.


NSK earns $10,000/year with a 2% interest; this means that NSK is valued at $ 222, 222. This means that with $222,222 the company will earn $10,000 every year. $5 per unit is an ideal pricing, since the company is still starting. Twenty-five percent is an Ideal share ownership since the rest can be used to improve the company and pay each of the founders.


There should invest with a venture capital company that is not just interested in the ownership shareholding but one that intends to improve NSK.

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