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Reasons for Transferring and Objective

Reasons for Transferring and Objective


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Reasons for Transferring and Objective

United States is a realm that upholds the truths that all men are to be treated equal as they are created equal, that all men were given by their creator different kinds of undisputable rights, and that among these rights are the rights to pursue happiness, the freedom of liberty and the rights to life. It was always one of my imaginings that, in the future, I will be able to obtain my higher education in the United States of America, a country packed with numerous opportunities. So when I moved from Indonesia to the US, the first thing that I took in was the seemingly infinite amount of opportunities and chances that this nation had to offer. Coming from a relatively underprivileged background, I realized that my life had turned for the better and that I was fortunate enough to exploit all the opportunities my new country gave me I found myself wanting to explore one of my childhood dreams, to get a bachelor degree in communication, majoring in public relations.

Since my childhood, I had watched one of my increasingly successful aunt become an excellent public relations expert, and I promised myself that public relation was to be my vocation when I came of age. So I enrolled in Shoreline Community college for the degree. As time went by, I realized that though the community college was doing as best as it could to offer us the best education, it did not have enough resources to mould me into a successful person I wanted. I looked around for options and found that the only place I could get such molding was at the university. I am a second year student at the community college now and am looking to transfer to the university as a third year student. I am sure with the opportunities and resources the university commits to this department I will become the successful individuals I dreamt of, and eventually own my own public relations agency.

Statement of Intent

Back home, I always watched the most successful people around me for inspiration and for motivation. As I mentioned before, opportunities for success back in Indonesia are quite rare, and, therefore, becoming a successful person in such conditions is quite an achievement. One of my aunts was one such successful individual who had worked extra hard to achieve a lot of accomplishment in the turf of public relations. As a child, whenever I went visiting I could see a lot of affluence around her, and her home and she always looked extremely sophisticated. I vowed to myself that I wanted build myself and reach her level one day.

I would work hard and go to whatever lengths to attain a degree in public relations so that I become successful and in the end open an agency of my own. It was not just looking up to my aunt that enticed me to the career. During my school holidays back home after high school, I worked for awhile at my aunt’s agency and I liked everything about the career. I found that I enjoyed the work immensely and that I was excellent on the job. This motivated me, and I realized that I could work to be successful at something that I liked to do. So here I am in the US trying to fulfill that dream.

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